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Christmas Forest update

 You kindly helped us last year to spread the word about TreeAid so I wanted to thank you for your support and let you know that it does make a huge difference.   Last year thanks to our customers we were able to plant 27,069 trees with our 'Buy a Christmas tree and plant a tree in Africa' campaign, making our total donated to date £232,275.  This does so much towards lifting some of the poorest people on the planet out of poverty and hunger and gives them a livelihood as well as protecting the environment.  Here are some details for you to share with the parents and children: https://www.christmasforest.co.uk/pages/tree-aid 
These donated trees provide the following:
  • food - vitamins and nutrients all year round, even when the other crops fail
  • money - from selling tree products to buy food, education and health
  • health - as some trees can be used in natural medicine
  • enriched soil - making the land more fertile for crops to grow
  • shade from the scorching heat for people, wildlife and for the crops
  • tools and shelter made from bark and fallen wood
"Thanks to TreeAid, I can afford to send all of my children to school and one is even at university.  I have now set up other businesses based on the skills that TreeAid taught me and now I loan money to other people in my village"
"Before, we did not know why trees were important.  My children were often hungry and we had no way to make money when our crops did not grow.  Thanks to our trees our bellies are now better fed and I can sell fruit in the market.  I can buy pens for my children so they can go to school.  Tree Aid has helped us understand how we can stay in our village and build a future for our children.' Ama Yahya, Bankass, Mali
"Through TreeAid's projects you can see where the forest is protected and we can harvest fruits from the trees.  I am teaching my family how to protect the forest, our children will be the future and it is important they learn the techniques from us so that the forest keeps regenerating and producing food for people"  Kazengo, 70,  Burkino Faso