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The majority of children enter One World Montessori Nursery at age 2 or 3, with a fewer number of places available at One World Preparatory School at age 3 and above. Prospective parents are welcome to visit the Nursery and/or School by appointment. Parents are notified if their child has been offered a place for their preferred year of entry or whether their name has been placed on the waiting list. Places are offered in strict registration order, with priority given to siblings of children already at One World Montessori Nursery or One World Preparatory School.

If parents are informed that their child had been offered a place, they must confirm in writing that they definitely wish to accept. Written acceptance of the offer must be accompanied by a deposit of £1000. This deposit is refundable after the child leaves, subject to a full term’s written notice being received on or before the first day of the child’s last term. In the absence of such notice, the fees for the following term are payable in full.